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Smiling Meditation – NPowerYourMind

Smiling Meditation – NPowerYourMind


Powerful Qi Gong healing meditation for body and soul!



The Inner Smile Meditation harvests the healing powers perfected centuries ago by the Shaolin monks of China.

This meditation takes you on a journey through your body to activate the “Qi”, our natural inner source of energy, the energy of life and love and healing.

The Qi is stored in our Dantian, inside your belly, just two fingers below the navel.

This meditation will guide you to activate your Qi, and also, in your mind’s eye, to smile to various parts of our body, with a gentle smile, kind, full of love and compassion, which activates the physiology of the smile and heals both physical and emotional body.

This meditation will help you release blockages, soothe your pains and comfort your being.



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