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Nathalie BelleLarant Naturally

About Nathalie

Nathalie BelleLarant is a French author, inspirational speaker, impact entrepreneur, and blogger. She is the author of online self-empowerment programs for naturally vibrant health, emotional healing and financial abundance.

Born in France she excelled at her international career in law and I.T.; lived in Paris and London, consulting through Europe, Canada and Mexico, she eventually took a leap of faith and migrated to Australia in 1999 opening a French restaurant in 2002. In 2006 she launched a consulting & coaching firm in Melbourne, still in operation today.

With a creative nature, a desire to heal and a love for learning she qualified as a master trainer of NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis and Platform Skills in 2005; as an infant massage and baby yogi massage instructor in 2006; as an AromaTouch Technique practitioner in 2017, and as an Essential Oil coach in 2018. She is a hypno-birthing mother and home birth advocate, a holistic health practitioner, an aromatherapy student and a meditation teacher.

With a deep connection to Earth she nurtures daily practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Mother of a beautiful 9 year old little soul + two teenage step-children, she lives with her loving partner, their Tenterfield terrier and a Bengal mama on the Gold Coast hinterland in the magical continent of Australia!

She believes in being kind, generous, compassionate, and caring. She believes that our world desperately needs to restore physical health and emotional well-being; that increasing the number of naturally happy, healthy and emotionally balanced and wealthy individuals positively impacts on the well-being of our families, communities and countries, which in turns contribute to the health and well-being of our planet; everything we do today shapes the legacy for our children tomorrow.

She dreams of one day being able to travel to space to watch the earth from all the way up there and send it her infinite Love.

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Group Classes

For small or large groups.

Class themes include:

  • Learn to Meditate.
  • Women’s / Men’s health.
  • Natural Pregnancy and birthing.
  • Emotional break-through and healing.
  • Medicinal and therapeutic use of essential oils.
  • Natural Hormonal or Immune support.
  • Metabolic health and weight.
  • Hands-on product making and guided experiences.
  • Baby Yogi massage techniques.
  • Corporate health and well-being.

From Natural Health 101 to Cooking with essential oils and Healing-touch education – I work in private and corporate events, stores, markets and homes.

Collaborations welcome. Inquire here.

Corporate Health Assessment

Corporate well-being reminds us how crucial it is to our overall effectiveness to build a life balance and strengthen our best asset, our health.

My wellness coaches provide individuals and corporations with simple and manageable solutions from introductory one hour workshops to one on one health assessments or corporate seminars on stress management.

More info and contact: NBL Solutions here.

One-on-one Wellness Consult

Wherever you are on your journey, I offer 30 & 60 minutes personal coaching sessions to support naturally vibrant health, emotional healing and financial abundance.

Face to face or remotely (phone/internet).

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Affiliates | Work with Me.

Start a business

Looking for a socially conscious and purpose driven business to call your own?

Be your own boss, work you own hours, work singly or lead large teams, work locally or internationally, set your pace, set your scope, create your results, you decide!

However big or small your financial goals may be, our tribe will welcome you in our collaborative organisation with various natural health and wellbeing solutions.

Work for yourself but not by yourself. I teach alongside my husband and business partner proven, simple and duplicable heart based systems to empower you to achieve results you are looking for in all areas of life. Together we grew business enterprises from zero to multi-million dollar; we have experienced many set backs, personal losses and emotional traumas, and we learnt to heal and bounce back. Together we are dedicated to helping leaders transform their mind to attract success, breed results, and realise their true self.

Income potentials. Click here.

Get a feel for the products and business vehicles that are on offer: browse the shop, try the products, check my social media platforms, book a consult, attend an event or two, contact me to discuss your goals or get started right away: join our team Click here.

Become a stockist

Are you a natural retailer, health food store, chiropractor, massage therapists, pilates/yoga/meditation/dance studio, wellness/spa centre, nutritionist, psychologist, counsellor, hollistic/medical practitioner, midwife, nurse, birth support worker, health/wellness/fitness/life coach, hair/nail salon, gift shop, organic cafe, online store, fitness/food/health/spiritual blogger, someone with a passion for helping others, an organisation looking for fund-raising mechanisms??

Be a Virtual stockist: Sell online with free integrated portals, drop shipping, automatic commission payments.

The range of natural health products include:

  • The purest and most potent Essential oils in the world today. Click here.
  • Natural health, sports nutrition, vitamins and supplements, energy, weight management, wellbeing. Click here.
  • The world’s top 5 organic biotech & botanical Skincare, Beauty, Cosmetics and Haircare for men and women. Click here.
  • The world’s largest selling brand of in-home Water Purification systems. Click here.
  • The state-of-the-art Air Purification technology. Breathe easier, Live healthier. Click here.

Add products to your shelves; extend your customer experience beyond your premises by offering a selection of pure, potent, safe and effective product range you can trust.

Minimum 25 percent retail margin.

Ethical and sustainable businesses with internationally recognised Corporate Social Responsibility.

Contact me to discuss your needs, for info, product brochures and samples.

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