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Forgiveness Meditation – NPowerYourMind

Forgiveness Meditation – NPowerYourMind



The Forgiveness Guided Meditation is designed to help you clear relationships that no longer serve you so that you can reconnect with people in a new way.

It allows to cut emotional ties with people – past and present, either permanently to let those people go off to grow, to learn and evolve, or to reconnect with them in a new way, so you can see them a-new, free from the burden of the past.

Saint Augustine once said: “un-forgiveness is like drinking poison every day and expecting the other person to die”

The Forgiveness Meditation is an extraordinary process that you can use as often as you wish:

  • When you feel the need to cut the energetic ties with the people closest to you (for instance after a hard day at home or at work);
  • When you wish to reconnect with friends and family or coworkers in a new way;
  • For the purpose of cutting the ties and obtain some form of closure;
  • To soothe from grief.



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