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Progurt Incubator & Yogurt Maker

Progurt Incubator & Yogurt Maker



The Progurt Incubator is the perfect yogurt maker for producing everybody’s favourite probiotic yogurt, brimming with live beneficial bacteria, all made fresh in your own kitchen.

Energy efficient, 100% silent and covered by a 5-year factory guarantee.

The Progurt yogurt maker has a fresh look and is a multi-purpose appliance: in between batches of Progurt, use the Progurt Incubator to make traditional yogurt with other brands of yogurt powders or even kefir!

So if you don’t have a yogurt maker yet, consider the Progurt Incubator.

Check the Progurt blog post for Progurt product review and testimonial.



Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 35 cm

Impact resistant, Made from fully recyclable resins, Energy efficient, 100% silent, 5-Year factory guarantee, Zero noise, Child safe, CE approved, Multi region electric input, Supplied with One Litre Incubator Tub


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