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3 Natural Recipes to Reduce Morning Sickness During Pregnancy


3 Natural Recipes to Reduce Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

3 Natural Recipes to Reduce Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness during Pregnancy is such a horrible feel and unfortunately not limited to mornings, I know for during my pregnancies it was pretty much an all-day symptom with peaks at dinner time! Fortunately it didn’t last beyond 20 weeks, but I know some of you are getting it touch right through to the end of your pregnancy!

So if your hormones are playing havoc on your tummy, here are 3 simple & natural tips I highly recommend. Using therapeutic quality plant-based medicine is a safe, easy and cost-effective way to support your wellbeing!

Now I can hear some of you saying: “we shouldn’t use essential oils when pregnant”. Well that is very true of most essential oils you find in the market place, filled with synthetics replicas or artificial fillers they are definitely not safe to apply directly onto the skin for anyone, let alone for a pregnant mamma. However when you commit to the best of nature, you open the door to endless possibilities!

1. Inhale Lemon Essential oil every time you feel nauseous

Study shows that inhaling Lemon oil when feeling nauseous during pregnancy significantly reduced nausea discomfort. I have referenced below an article from the Tisserand Institute, renowned in the field of aromatic studies.

What to do

Place a drop of Lemon Essential oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and cup your hands around your nose to inhale.

Or place a drop on a tissue or cotton wick and inhale.

Alternatively you can put 2-5 drops in an ultrasonic diffuser (not a heated one such as an electric burner or candles burner, as they destroy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils).

Or simply open the bottle and take a few sniffs!

PLEASE don’t go use Lemon Essential oil from the everyday shop or supermarket! No matter their claim to be pure, they are filled with additives, may contain carrier oils, pesticide residues or artificial ingredients! I chose only use dōTERRA oils as I know they are made for therapeutic use, they undergo stringent 3rd-party testing and are safe to use. Each bottle you buy has a batch number you can verify at for testing and QA processes that have been applied.


Research: Lemon oil for morning sickness

2. Apply a drop of Ginger Essential oil on your ears, jaw bone, feet

The second option you may wish to try is applying a drop of Ginger Essential oil on your ears, down the jaw bone and on the sole of your feet.

CAUTION: you need to avoid direct sunlight for several hours after application so you are better doing this one at night!

Also if the oil feels a bit hot on your skin, simply dilute it with a safe carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut oil or even a good 1st cold pressed olive oil from the kitchen pantry!

If you are not keen on the topical application, you can inhale the Ginger oil just like the Lemon oil discussed in point 1.


3.  Substitute for Peppermint

If you are not keen on either Lemon or Ginger, you can substitute for a Peppermint essential oil but BIG CAUTION when pregnant, Peppermint should only be used diluted at a ratio of 1:2 to 1:5 or more (meaning one drop of essential oil to 2 or 5 drops of carrier oil or more, up to 10). If unsure consult your practitioner for advice.


Source: Recipes from Modern Essentials, reference guide to the Therapeutic use of Essential Oils 

For more info on dōTERRA therapeutic essential oils and why I only recommend them, go here.

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For the perfect guide to use essential oils safely during pregnancy, go here.


Please share this article. Any questions using essential oils during pregnancy let me know!

Wishing you a safe and happy Pregnancy 🙂

French author, inspirational speaker, impact entrepreneur, and blogger, Nathalie BelleLarant is the author of online self-empowerment programs for naturally vibrant health, emotional healing and financial abundance. International leader, distributor and stockist of doTERRA essential oils. Certified AromaTouch Practitioner. Yoga baby massage instructor. Meditation teacher. NLP master coach. I am dedicated to helping leaders transform their mind to attract success, breed results, and realise their true self. Connect with me at

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