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Yoga Baby Massage

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Yoga Baby Massage

Not just any massage!

Derived from Ancient Yoga Techniques, the Yoga Baby Massage conveys the benefits of a yoga practice to your child.

This exclusive French method ‘Massage intégral du bébé®’ presents a set of very precise strokes that bring balance and centeredness to your child.

Yoga Baby Massage can help your baby’s well-being by contributing to overcome stressful situations such as:-

  • Does your baby have trouble sleeping?
  • Is your baby experiencing Reflux?
  • Is your baby Teething?
  • Does you baby suffer from Chronic Illness?
  • Does your baby need to adjust to a new Routine?
  • Is your baby putting on too much Weight, or too little Weight?

Yoga Baby Massage will sooth, calm and comfort. And a happy baby also means a happy mummy!


Equip your baby for life!

Yoga Baby Massage can contribute to boost baby’s physical development, immune response and body awareness.


Grow baby’s emotional well-being!

Yoga Baby Massage will help grow baby’s emotional bond with You and his/her connection to the World.


Book your session today, click here!

For a limited time only, receive 50% off baby’s first massage.

Use coupon code BABY50 during checkout. Offer applies to new customers only.

Bundle packages and Gift Vouchers available.


Want to massage baby yourself?

Purchase a yoga baby massage training package:

  • 6 sessions – one on one training – $240
  • 8 sessions – with Dad or a 2nd trainee – $320



I travelled twice to Paris in 2006 to get personally trained and accredited by Christine Colonna-Césari as a yoga baby massage practitioner and instructor. Christine Colonna-Césari is the author of ‘Le Massage Intégral du Bébé et de l’Enfant©’, and founder of this registered massage technique.

I also completed in 2006 the baby massage training by Infant Massage Australia.

I am a current Australian Blue Card holder.



© ‘Le Massage Intégral du Bébé et de l’Enfant’ is a registered Trade Mark of Christine Colonna-Césari. The Massage Intégral du Bébé is a comprehensive Well-Being technique for babies and infants.

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