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Yoga Baby Massage Session

Yoga Baby Massage Session


Massage Intégral du bébé®

SOOTHING CALMING COMFORTING bring balance & centeredness to your child

Check the Yoga Baby Massage blog post for more information about the massage technique and its benefits.



Not just any massage!

Derived from Ancient Yoga techniques, the Yoga Baby Massage conveys the benefits of a Yoga session to your child.

This exclusive french method ‘Massage intégral du bébé®’ presents a set of very precise strokes that bring balance and centeredness to your child.

Yoga baby Massage can help your baby’s well-being by contributing to overcome stressful situations such as:-

  1. Does your baby have trouble Sleeping?
  2. Is your baby experiencing Reflux?
  3. Is your baby Teething?
  4. Does you baby suffer from Chronic Illness?
  5. Does your baby need to adjust to a new Routine?
  6. Is your baby putting on too much Weight, or too little Weight?

Yoga baby Massage will help sooth, calm and comfort.

With a peaceful and happy baby, it is time for a peaceful and happy mummy! 


© ‘Le Massage Intégral du Bébé et de l’Enfant’ is a registered Trade Mark of Christine Colonna-Césari. The Massage Intégral du Bébé is a comprehensive Well-Being technique for babies and infants.

 Check the Yoga Baby Massage blog post for more information about the massage technique and its benefits.

Yoga Baby Massage bundles

Check our Yoga Baby Massage bundles for peace of mind and best value.

For a limited time only, receive 50% off baby’s first massageUse coupon code BABY50 during checkout. Offer applies to new customers only. Coupon only valid for a single massage purchase.


Want to massage baby yourself?

Purchase a training package. Available in One-on-One or Two trainees packages.

Gift Vouchers available

Perfect gift idea for any celebration such as mother shower or baby shower, One Month celebration, Full Moon celebration, Baptism, Christening etc.


Additional information

Massage options

Single Massage, 3 massages bundle, 6 massages bundle

Learn Yoga Baby Massage for your baby

6 sessions 1 on 1 training, 8 sessions 2 trainees


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