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ARTISTRY® Skin Enhancer


ARTISTRY® Skin Enhancer


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Elevate your skincare routine with the ARTISTRY® Skin Enhancer, a device that helps prepare your skin to receive the benefits of ARTISTRY skincare.

Enjoy a deep cleanse, eliminate dirt and build up that causes black spots, give your skin a galvanic ionic stimulating massage.

The ARTISTRY Skin Enhancer with Smart Dual Technology, is a 7-in-1 Multifunction device that uses Derma Ion and Galvanic currents that can maximise the penetration of ARTISTRY skincare products in to the skin and provide a deep cleanse of your skin, helping to remove dead cells, makeup, excess oil build up that cause black spots.







  • 7 modes
  • Smart Dual Technology. Derma Ion and Galvanic currents.
  • Clean up mode uses a bubble jet deep cleansing blade that effectively removes blackheads, makeup residue and dead skin cells.
  • Vitamin C mode works with the ARTISTRY Intensive Advanced Vitamin C + HA treatment.
  • The Hydration, Radiance, Lifting, and Wrinkle modes are specifically designed to increase the penetration of the ARTISTRY Signature Select(r) Serums.




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