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HealthPointe 2.0 Stand Alone Pack

HealthPointe 2.0 Stand Alone Pack


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The HealthPointe Health and Wellness program can teach you in clear and easy-to-live-with terms, the how and why of effective health and weight management. HealthPointe 2.0 employs proven weight loss concepts in a simple and easy to use program that uses real food, not gimmicks, to help you lose the weight you want, and learn how to keep it off as well.

The standalone pack includes:

  • User Guide – all you need to know including menus, sizing and daily motivation
  • Journal – jot down how you feel, monitor your progress, keep note what works best for you
  • 2 CDs – Health and Wellness experts break it all down for you, so you can apply it easily
  • 1 DVD – the program explained, so you can show others (help them understand your goals)
  • Tape / BMI calculator – watch your body measurements melt away

More info on my blog post here

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