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Essential Oils for Yoga – 12 Months of Blissful Yoga With doTERRA Essential Oils


Essential Oils for Yoga – 12 Months of Blissful Yoga With doTERRA Essential Oils


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Essential Oils for Yoga: The Essential Yoga Program – 12 Months of Blissful Yoga With doTERRA Essential Oils

The Essential Yoga Program is the definitive source you’ve been waiting for – created by yoga and business experts who have put it to the test and taken it to the mat with big results. Here’s the proven approach to creating unique yoga workshops incorporating therapeutic essential oils that will elevate the energetic vibration and increase studio class size.

This book is ideal for all levels of yoga professionals, yoga practitioners and dōTERRA users.

This step-by-step guide specifically written with dōTERRA oils as its focus, gives you real “how to” tips, pricing, marketing ideas and business secrets to feature 12 themed monthly workshops that will bring a new and exciting dimension to any yoga practice or studio. It’s packed with ideas you can use to get started with your EssentialYoga Program today!

The Essential Yoga Program will give you:

  • Hundreds of ideas to successfully and immediately launch a complete EssentialYoga Program in your practice, studio or center
  • 12 diverse monthly workshops with specific dōTERRA essential oil suggestions sure to generate “buzz” among your yoga students
  • Valuable insights on essential oil history, safe use, and product quality
  • Simple ideas to get started quickly so you can use the oils in classes every day
  • Purchasing options, class cost planning information, educational scripts, marketing ideas and more!

About the Authors

The EssentialYoga Program was created by four natural health advocates with expertise in yoga practice and instruction, massage therapy, marketing, studio management and wellness center ownership. As essential oil enthusiasts who regularly teach successful classes about therapeutic grade essential oils, Jane Bloom, Marty Harger, Deidra Schaub and Stephanie Smith combined talents to fill a needed niche with this comprehensive and innovative guidebook.



Dimension: 21.6 x 28 x 6 cm

Total Pages: 108

Publication: Paperback 2014

ISBN-13: 9780991640706

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