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Kaya Balance Diffuser Bracelet

Kaya Balance Diffuser Bracelet


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Imbalanced Chakras compromise mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

These crystals will balance the Chakras to promote radiant health and vitality. Lava Beads bring Courage and are perfect to diffuse your favourite essential oils.




The Simplicity Bracelet is exquisitely handcrafted with high-grade healing gemstones to align the Chakras and enhance overall wellness.



Includes the following Stones:



Garnet = SUCCESS
Carmelian = MOTIVATION
Tiger’s Eye = POWER
Aventurine = SERENITY
Aquamarine = FREEDOM
Lapis Lazuli = INTUITION

Amethyst = WISDOM


Each jewellery piece is handcrafted from the best quality materials at Kaya studio, just south of Sydney, Australia



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